A todos mis clientes y seguidores..

Les informo que mi servicio de catering y de clases esta de regreso.

Cualquier pregunta o duda o si caso necesiten menu para cualquier evento favor enviar un correo a chefnicoprestia@gmail.com

saludos a todos

Chef Nico


Clases en el Hotel Escuela Madrid

A todos mis seguidores les informo que el Chef Nico Prestia por el momento no esta impartiendo clases en el Hotel Escuela Madrid. Pero si alguien se interesa en algún tipo de clase, yo les puedo dar clases privadas. Solamente me manden un correo o pongan un comentario y les envió todas las informaciones necesarias para las clases privadas.


Chef Nico Prestia

Typography Captures the Essence of Four Great Cities ( video )

Commissioned by language-teaching company EF, these magical promos use kinetic typography to capture the pure beauty of speaking mother tongues in Paris, London, Beijing, and Barcelona.

If you’ve ever been young and alone in a foreign country, we’re betting you’ll melt after watching “Live The Language,” a series of videos which combine exquisite typography and playful visuals to cinematically capture the joy (and uncertainty, and terror, and everything else) of learning a new language in a strange city.

Take the video for Paris, for example. Jean-Luc Godard famously said that all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun, but after watching this and literally tearing up at the end, I propose an amendment: all you need is a girl and a font.

Check out the website…




Grassroots Growth

Grassroots Growth
Ayr is a former scientist with an MBA from Harvard. After several years with McKinsey, he decided to follow his dream to create a chain of fast and friendly vegetarian restaurants.

He could have hired a chef and tested his menu with focus groups, but instead he decided that it would be better to run a lot of experiments at low cost. So he launched his restaurant from a food truck parked outside the MIT campus, updating his customers about daily specials through text messages and blog posts.

After six months, the results have been phenomenal. By starting small and prototyping, Ayr is learning while he shapes his business. He’s adding additional trucks, developing permanent spaces, and has begun to cater special events. Each experiment brings him closer to his ultimate goal.

How can you intentionally limit your resources to create a more inspired offering?